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Story Illustrations | Champak

Year: 2021 -22

Client: Champak, Delhi Press

Project Brief: I was approached by Delhi Press to create illustrations for various stories on a broad range of topics. Champak is a popular fortnightly magazine for children published by the Delhi Press Group since 1969 in India. It is published in English and 7 other Indian languages.

Published: Issue I December 2021

Story: A day at the sea

The story, written by Megha Kadam, is about a small girl (Riya) who accompanies her father for fishing and befriends a beautiful fish, Daisy.

IMG_20211208_161840 copy.jpg
proud mosquitoes 2.jpg

Published: Issue I April 2022

Story: Two Proud Mosquitoes

The story, written by Illika Prey, is about two mosquitoes (Mosky and Posky) and a butterfly (Berry). Th three insects discuss life cycles of mosquitoes and butterflies.

Published: Issue II January 2022

Story: नाम बदलने की उलझन

The story, written by Vivek Chakravarty revolves around 4 friends and a confusion created around the name of India city, Allahabad

champak  copy.jpg
freedom from the cage 1.jpg

Published: Issue I October 2021

Story: Freedom from the cage

The story, written by Punam Pande revolves around 2 kids discovering the importance of freedom for humans as well as animals.

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